Year 6

Meet the Team


The year 6 staff this year are Mr. Smith, Mrs. Sinclair, Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Pritchard, Mrs. Bray and Mrs. Robinson.

Our Curriculum – 2020-21


In PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) we will explore the following questions: ‘Where does your moral compass come from?’ and ‘What is integrity and how do I get it?’.  Our main theme is ‘War and Peace’. As we continue the topic from the first half term, the children will learning about the outbreak and progression of the war and its effect upon the lives of ordinary British people.  As well as developing a range of history skills, the children will explore the geographical context and global nature of the conflict.   WW2 will provide lots of excellent writing opportunities, both in the form of stories and factual writing and we will encourage the children to share these with you at home. We are continuing to read Goodnight Mr Tom as our class readers.

Times tables facts and sound written calculation skills continue to be a priority in maths, alongside a strong understanding of place value - working with both decimals and numbers up to a million.  Applying these skills to solve multi-step problems will also be key.

Our science topics are ‘Light’ and ‘Electricity’.  We will use both sketching and painting skills at different points throughout the term, using a range of starting points from self-portraits and photographs to historical artefacts. Music lessons with Miss Lee will continue, focusing on developing a more precise and analytical musical vocabulary which we can use in additional music appreciation sessions and linking to our WW2 topic.  Internet safety and the consolidation of laptop basic skills will be a priority this term, so that we can use ICT for research and presentation purposes more effectively.

Later on in the year, we will be learning all about the Ancient Greeks, especially the impact some key individuals such as Pythagoras have had on British society, and of course ensuring the children are well prepared for the year 6 SATs.


Home learning expectations


Our home learning will be focused around spellings, punctuation, grammar and maths. Each Friday your child will receive a task for each of these areas on See Saw and these should be returned by the following Friday on See Saw. Children who do not complete home learning will complete the tasks in their own time. Home learning will be uploaded onto See Saw, however a paper copy can be provided if required.

We have already sent home reading records.  THESE MUST BE IN SCHOOL EVERY DAY.  It is crucial that you read regularly with your child and question them to ensure understanding.


PE days


Our PE is OUTDOOR on both TUESDAY and THURSDAY, however your child will be informed if this changes. Children should come in their PE Kits due to the current Covid 19 Pandemic.

Your child's PE kit MUST follow the school uniform PE kit policy. Black tracksuit bottoms/shorts, white top with no logo (unless the Meadowfield logo) and a red or black jumper/top - again with no logo.

Links to online support for children in Y6


Your child has been sent their SEE SAW log in details, as well as their TT Rockstars log in details.

In the new year children will be expected to start revising for the SATs, which are in May. We will be offering the opportunity to purchase heavily discounted revision guides for this after the Christmas break.

The BBC Bitesize website is a great tool to support this revision:

Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs)


This year, SATs will take place between Monday 11th May 2021 and Thursday 14TH May 2021. Please ensure your child is in school for this week and the weeks prior to the assessment.

We currently anticipate that SATs will go ahead as normal and will update students and parents if this changes.

We will be offering heavily discounted revision guides from January onwards, in order to help your child prepare the for assessment.

T. 0113 3230010 E. Head Teacher. Mrs Helen Stout