Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Mr Ellis and Mr Foster are very excited about the year ahead and we hope you are too! We have lots of new books to read and have already planned some brilliant trips and visitors to accompany our learning. 

In 5FE the teachers are Mr Ellis, Mrs Shedlow and Mrs Robinson. In 5LF the teachers are Mr Foster, Mrs Bray and Ms Bailey. We are here to help and will answer any queries or concerns you might have. 





During the term ahead, we have an exciting programme for the children. First we will travel back in time and explore life in Ancient Egypt, encountering jewels, hieroglyphs, board games and death masks. This will provide the children with lots of opportunities to be creative as history, geography, art and literature come together to stimulate both curiosity and imagination.



In science we will study Earth and Space. Children will research the planets in our solar system, investigate the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky, the rotation of the Earth which causes day and night and the changing appearance of the Moon. Who could not be fascinated by the magnificence of our solar system!



Our maths lessons will have a strong focus on understanding number and calculation. Nationally, children are expected to be confident with numbers to one million in Year 5 and they need to have a secure grasp of both Times Tables facts and written calculation skills.  It is important that they can apply their calculation skills to solve reasoning problems. Please encourage your child to practise their Times Tables every day.



Children will continue in music to learn to play the ukulele which is new to the Year 5 curriculum and proving to be very popular. Internet Safety and the confident use of basic skills on a computer will be our focus in ICT. SMSC will centre around themes of belonging and welcoming. 



Our lessons this term will include dance and invasion games. Indoor PE will be on Tuesdays and Outdoor PE will be on Wednesdays.

All children must wear the correct kit to take part in PE lessons (black shorts / joggers and a white t-shirt / red/black jumper).



Homelearning in Year 5

We will give out homelearning on Fridays. This must be handed back the following Wednesday to give teachers time to check the books.

Children can ask for help from an adult in school on Monday or Tuesday. If it is too difficult please speak to a member of staff but we will only give out age expected learning.

If home learning is not completed at home by Wednesday then it will be done during a playtime or reward time.

If a learning log is lost then it must be replaced with a new one, costing £1.

It is expected that our Year 5 children will read every evening and return their completed reading records, every morning. WE LOVE READING and hope your child will too! :)



Monday 11th November: Anti Bullying week

Thursday 14th November: 5FE Assembly

Wednesday 20th November: Parents’ Evening

Thursday 21st November: Parents’ Evening

Monday 16th December: Y5/6 Christmas Concert

Monday 27th – Wednesday 29th April: Whitby Residential (2 nights)

Thursday 14th November: 5LF Assembly


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T. 0113 3230010 E. Head Teacher. Mrs Helen Stout