Year 5

Meet the Team


Teaching in Year 5 this year are; Mr Ellis, Mr Greenwood, Mrs Shedlow, Mrs Duncan, Miss Pearson and Miss Ulett

Our Curriculum – 2020-21


Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was one the earliest civilizations going back to 3000 BC (roughly 5,000 years ago). Egypt, which is in Africa, is a very dry place so the people lived beside the Nile River as it provided water, food and transportation. We will learn all about how the Egyptians lived through investigating the weird and wonderful artefacts found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb by an archeologist called Howard Carter in 1922. Why did the Egyptians build pyramids? Could females be Pharaohs? How did they communicate? How are the hieroglyphics similar to our online communication today? Did they have religious beliefs?



Our writing lessons will focus on using different sentence structures and writing at length using paragraphs. We have a wide selection of reading material to inspire the children to write for a range of purposes: to inform, to entertain and to persuade. We will be reading Coraline, a dark fantasy thriller and the Chronicles of Narnia, which is a more traditional tale. During our visit to Whitby we may learn more about the famous vampire, Count Dracula.



Our maths lessons will have a strong focus on understanding number and calculation. Nationally, children are expected to be confident with numbers to one million in Year 5 and they need to have a secure grasp of both Times Tables facts and written calculation skills.  It is important that they can apply their calculation skills to solve reasoning problems. Please encourage your child to practise their Times Tables every day.


Art and Design

In year 5 the children will be putting on their creative caps and designing, making and evaluating lots of wonderful things including clay amulets fit for an Egyptian Pharaoh, an educational Rainforest diaroma and a cushion! We will be looking at a wide range of artists, sculptors and designers including David Hockney, Fabric Lenny and Frida Kahlo.



The children will be learning all about Space and the Solar System. This is a fantastic topic and also links to Historical events such as the Moon landing in 1969. As part of our diverse curriculum we will also be investigating the life of Mae Jemison, the first black female astronaut in space!



PSHE  (Personal, Social and Health education) is a great way of talking to the children about real life issues. While in year 5 we will encourage the children to be as honest and open as possible as we discuss role models, prejudice, wellbeing and what to do when things go wrong. We will be reading the story “The Boy at the back of the class” which follows the life of a young refugee.


Homelearning in Year 5

At the moment spellings are given out on Fridays either by paper or uploaded to SeeSaw if you have internet access. Home learning is due to be completed by Wednesday to allow teachers time to check over and support with any difficulties before the end of the week. As the year progresses we will be giving out maths and grammar home learning too.

We expect home learning to be done to help progress the child's learning and prepare them for the next phase of their education.

It is expected that our Year 5 children will read each school evening and return their completed reading records, every morning. It could only be a page or so but the routine is vital.

WE LOVE READING and hope your child does too! :)

PE in Year 5


All our PE lessons are outdoors, however your child will be informed if this changes. Children should come in their PE Kits due to the current Covid 19 Pandemic.

Your child's PE kit MUST follow the school uniform PE kit policy. Black tracksuit bottoms/shorts, white top with no logo (unless the Meadowfield logo) and a red or black jumper/top - again with no logo.


5FE PE days – Tuesday and Thursday

5WG PE days – Monday (with Leeds Rhinos!) and Tuesday

Links to online support for children in Y5


All children in the Year group have their own SeeSaw page if they are able to access the internet at home. Children also have TTRS logins to support with times tables - bbc bitesize has some great videos to help understand Space and time - History learning with a great Ancient Egypt quiz - this is great for all subjects  - if you are an art lover then this website is for you

T. 0113 3230010 E. Head Teacher. Mrs Helen Stout