Year 4


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This year's learning

The Anglo-Saxons

This year we will journey back in time and study how the end of the Roman occupation opened the way for invaders from northern Europe and Ireland. The Anglo-Saxons and Scots, settled the majority of England and Scotland in the years following the Roman withdrawal from Britain. We will answer such questions such as: Who were the Anglo-Saxons and Scots? Where did they come from? What were their greatest achievements? Who were they succeeded by? We will also see how they influenced our local area. 


In the second half of the autumn term, we will be learning all about Finland. We will look at the history and geography of this fascinating country. We will explore their traditions, foods, folk tales and of course we couldn't take a look at Finland without thinking about its most famous resident from its frozen north: Santa Claus.  

 The Vikings

We will look at these famous invaders and dig down to find out the truth behind the myths and legends. What did they bring? How did they shape our country? What is their lasting legacy? As geographers we will look at where they came from and what attracted them to our shores. As historians we will look at contemporary accounts and archaeological artifacts to take a glimpse into how these Scandinavian invaders really lived. 

 Edward the Confessor

The final link in our timeline will see us taking a detailed look at one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings, Edward the Confessor. We will use our finely tuned research skills to gather information about this famous British monarch. In this topic, as with all the others, we will use our researched information to produce intriguing reports, amazing artwork and of course a captivating and educational assembly.


Maths: Our main focus throughout the year will be securing place value knowledge, mastering the four operations and sharpening our mental maths and times table knowledge in readiness for the end of year government times table tests.


English: In writing we will focus on sentence structure and securing use of basic punctuation to improve  cohesion within our writing. We will look at Finnish folk tales, historical reports and a wide range of literature in order to expose the children to as diverse a selection of texts as possible. They will then use this to write their own tales, poems and reports.  

Home Learning

  • Each week the children will be given spellings to practice and there will be a short test for these on a Thursday.
  • It is expected that our Year 4 children will read every evening and return their reading records, completed by them every morning. 
  • Homework is set each Friday in the children's learning logs. This needs to be returned to school on Wednesday.
  • Children are encouraged to practice their mental maths and times tables every day.


All children need to be wearing correct PE kit to take part in PE lessons. (Black shorts/joggers and white t-shirt/red jumper)

Outdoor PE: 4RE Mondays - 4DCD Thursdays

Indoor PE: Tuesdays

Swimming lessons will take place on Tuesday mornings. 4RE will swim until Christmas then 4DCD will have lessons during the spring term. For swimming please send your child with a costume or shorts (above the knee), a towel and a hair brush. If they would like to wear goggles then these are also allowed.

Please keep your PE kit in school until Friday as PE lessons may change due to weather circumstances.


Keep an eye on our Year 4 web page for information the amazing trips and visits we will be going on this year.

Useful links

These are a few links to sites that you could visit with your child to help them with their learning  History resources   Maths resources  Resources for all subjects  Maths curriculum and resources Anglo-Saxons resources and links to further reading

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