What do we do?

Governors have three main roles:

Strategic planning

We plan with the staff leadership team for the strategic development and improvement of the school, not only in physical terms with regard to the development of the site and facilities, but also in terms of the development of school ethos and the curriculum.

• Monitoring

We support, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school. This is sometimes referred to as the role of a ‘critical friend’ by asking clear and useful questions about the way things are done and the reasons for them being done that way. This also involves setting the policy framework for the school and monitoring the implementation of policies as managed and carried out by the Headteacher and staff. We hold the school to account for the standards achieved and the quality of education provided.

• Finances

We are responsible for the handling of its finances, which includes both planning for long term spending and setting and monitoring the annual budget and funds.

In order to carry out these roles effectively we meet regularly throughout the year as a full governing body and more often in committees. (Please see our diary of meetings)

Our committees are:

Resource Committee  
Pupil Committee  
Strategic Committee
This committee is made up of Chairs of the above committees to plan effectively for the future.
Working in committees means that responsibility can be shared around. Also governor's expertise can be used and developed in certain areas.

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