Useful Information

School Day
Our School Day starts at 8:45am and ends at 3:15pm. Session times are as follows:

Morning 8:45am - 11:45am
Lunch  11:45am - 12: 20pm
Afternoon 12:20pm - 3:15pm

Year 1 and 2
Morning 8:45am - 11:50am
Lunch 11:50am - 12:25pm
Afternoon 12:25pm- 3:15pm

Years 3 and 4
Morning 8:45am - 12:20pm
Lunch 12.20 pm - 1.05pm
Afternoon 1.05pm - 3:15pm

Years 5 and 6
Morning 8:45am - 12:40pm
Lunch 12:40pm - 1.25pm
Afternoon 1:25pm -  3:15pm

Monday 9:10am  - 9:30am:  Whole School assembly based on school ethos themes.
Friday   9:10am - 9:30am:    Whole School Celebration assembly. Parents and Carers are invited to join us and are   to welcome to attend the coffee morning in the small hall beforehand. All children who are stars of the week displayed in the main corridor and posted on the school website.

Class Assemblies

Each class will also organise a class assembly.  Parents and carers will be invited to attend a class assembly and your child's class teacher will send out invites in advance.  

Collective Workship

All classed are involved in an act of collective worship each day.
School Meals
We are proud of our school meals which have an emphasis on fresh and healthy food. We now have family service where the food is brought to the children's table and they serve each other. This allows for a more pleasant atmosphere when eating and allows staff to help children with their social skills.   Please have a look at the menu sheet below so that you can discuss food choices with your child.  The menus may change slightly at short notice due to circumstances beyond our control, however this would only be on a rare occasion.

Children who bring a packed lunch to school sit in the hall with the children who are eating school meals.  We encourage all packed lunches to be healthy.

Costs of school meals

Reception  to Year 2  FREE
Year 3 and 4 cost £10.50 per week (£2.10 per day)
Years 5 and 6 cost £11.00 per week (£2.20 per day)

Quality of Food 
  • Meals are freshly made every day
  • Using great quality produce:
    • Fresh vegetables and potatoes, locally when in season
    • UK farm assured chicken, beef and lamb
    • Free range eggs from East Yorkshire
    • 100% salmon and white fish fillet from sustainable sources
    • Dolphin friendly tuna
    • Choice UK cheddar
  • Menus are designed to provide healthy, balanced meals which will be enjoyed by children
  • Menus meet the Government guidelines for school meals
  • All medical and religious diets can be catered
Please scroll below to find an electronic copy of the current term menu.
School Uniform
We believe that a school uniform is an important part of school life. It contributes to good order within the classroom, health and safety while out of school on visits, and it provides children with a sense of identity of belonging to the school community.
We ask that children wear a white shirt or blouse with a red sweatshirt or cardigan. These should be worn with a either grey or black trousers or a skirt. In summer, girls may wear a gingham red and white checked dress. The sweatshirts and cardigans can be bought from the school office at cost price either with or without the school logo. Please download the order form attached below.

For PE, we ask that pupils wear a white polo shirt and a pair of black shorts which can be bought at cost price from the school office. Outdoor PE will require suitable outdoor sports clothing and footwear, especially during the winter months. This may include black jogging bottoms or black leggings.
No jewellery of any sort can be worn during PE for Health and Safety reasons.
Uniform Prices (September 17)
  With Logo Without Logo
Sweatshirt £8.50 £8.00
Cardigan £9.50 £9.00
PE T-Shirt (white) £4.50 £4.00
PE shorts - £3.50
Fleece jacket £11.00 -
Book bag £4.75 -
PE bag - £2.30
Short Sizes
18/20 4 / 6 Yrs
22/24 7 / 9 Yrs
26/28 10 / 13 Yrs
30/32 14/15 Yrs

Parents' Evenings

Parents' evenings are important because they give you an opportunity to discuss what your child is doing at school and how they are getting on. You can also cover any issues you may want to talk about with your child's teacher.  So, going to parents' evening can help you to become better involved with your child's learning.  It helps you to give your child good, practical support and to make choices.  At Meadowfield, we believe that when schools and parents work together, children do better.

Our Parents' Evenings

Year 5 /6 Parents' Welcome 3.30pm
Year 3/4 Parents' Welcome 3.30pm
Year 1/2 Parents' Welcome 3.30pm

Wednesday 12th November consulation evening
Thursday 13th November consulatation evening

Wednesday 4th March consultation evening
Thursday 5th March consultation evening

We have an open evening in July  to discuss your child's report.


Parents recieve a final written report for you child in July and an interim report in February.

We always welcome opportunities to strenghten the partnership between parents and school. If you would like to discuss your child's learning before parents evening please set up an appointment to meet with the teacher at a suitable time.

Holiday Dates 2018/19
    Monday 3 September 2018
Autumn mid-term Friday 26 October 2018 Monday 5 November 2018
Christmas Friday 21 December 2018 Monday 7 January 2019
Spring mid-term Friday 15 February 2019 Monday 25 February 2019
Easter Wednesday 3 April 2019 Monday 15 April 2019
Easter Weekend Thursday 18 April 2019 Tuesday 23 April 2019
May Bank Holiday Friday 3 May 2019 Tuesday 7 May 2019
Summer mid-term Friday 24 May 2019
Monday 3 June 2019
Summer break Friday 19 July 2019
Autumn 75 days
Spring 58 days
Summer 62 days
Total 195 days
 STAFF TRAINING DAYS - School will be CLOSED to pupils
Monday 3 September 2018  
Friday 26 October 2018  
Friday 24 May 2019  
Monday 3 June 2019  
Friday 5 July 2019  

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