Unplanned site closure

Sometimes the unexpected can happen and we have to close the School site. An unplanned closure may be due to adverse weather conditions; flooding; electrical or heating issues or any other health & safety difficulty.

In the event of an unplanned site closure please check this website, Leeds City Council website and the Meadowfield Primary School social networking (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) for updates.

Leeds City Council website: www.leeds.gov.uk

Anyone with a child on the School register (e.g. older siblings, Buttercups over 3’s) will receive a text from School. It is therefore important to keep them updated of any number changes.

If the site closes during a day after staff have arrived, parents/carers will be informed by text or a phone call.

We notify parents/carers in advance of all planned closures by letter. Training days are also advertised on the room white board, parent/carer involvement board and the “Contact us” section of this  website .

Please be aware that it is not possible for management to check the Early Education phone offsite and therefore any calls or messages will not be picked up until the site reopens.

Thank-you for your continued support and co-operation


T. 0113 3230010 E. info@mps.rklt.co.uk Head Teacher. Mrs Helen Stout