Star Badges

Stars Badges 13.7.18
Each class has two or three 'Stars of the Week' nominated by their Class Teacher and children in their class for significant academic work or social improvements.

Celebration Assembly is the highlight of Mrs Stout's week! She always wants to find out how children have improved. Each week she update her blog to celebrate each little star.
RRR (Poppy Class)
Hala been thanked for setting into class and being a valuable class member.
Kenzie has been thanked for having a positive attitude and fab smile
RRO (Crocus Class) 
Archie S has been thanked for always listening, always learning and always doing the right thing! 
Renaeyah has been thanked for superb maths skills in all areas.
Oakley has been thanked for showing a mature and enthusiastic attitude on the seaside trip! 
Thomas has been thanked for amazing independence - he has lots of skills and he is now using these without an adult asking first! 
  Gemma has been thanked for her resilience. Her handwriting and letter formation is beginging to improve after a huge amount of effort! 
Chekina has been thanked for giving 100% effort in all her learning!
Frankie  has been thanked for amazing maths learning - dividing with remainders!

Riley has been thanked for super sentence writing

Kaddijatou has been thanked for amazing writing and using fabulous vocabulary! 



Marshall has been thanked for amazing dance skills while practicing for Meadwofield's Got Talent!
Ashton has been thanked for amazing writing ideas and making it interesting to the reader!

Lola has been thanked for blowing us away with her writing!

Ruby has been thanked for amazing music and English skills. 



Ethan has been thanked for putting forwards his ideas in Literacy!

Luka has been thanked for being helpful and having a positive attitude.




Marika has been thanked for super resilience in swimming! 20 meters so far!

Alfie has been thanked for amazing swimming and getting his 25 meters award!



Rares has been thanked for being a great team player! He is fabulous role model and always does his best!

Tyler has been thanked for his determination, he kept going all the way up the high ropes and showed great determination to get to the top!!


James  has been thanked for always trying his best, being poliet and an all round superstar! 
Ebony  has been thanked for being level headed, helpful and a super class member all year round! 

Dany has been thanked for displaying a consistently calm, mature attitude in all he does! 

Juanita has been thanked for her infectious enthusiasm towards all areas of school life. 



Visiting High School - good luck
Visiting High School - good luck
Visiting High School - good luck 

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