Star Badges

Stars Badges 11.1.19
Each class has two or three 'Stars of the Week' nominated by their Class Teacher and children in their class for significant academic work or social improvements.

Celebration Assembly is the highlight of Mrs Stout's week! She always wants to find out how children have improved. Each week she update her blog to celebrate each little star.
Paisley has been thanked for trying hard to use her words and Makaton!!
Macauly has been thanked for fantastic recall and use of numbers to 20!
Elena has been thanked for using her phonics independently!
Daisy has been thanked her improved concentration!
Rekan has been thanked for fabulous maths learning!
Mikey has been thanked for good listening and concentration on the carpet!

Michael has been thanked for enthusiastic learning - having tons of ideas for discussion, having a go at any subject and being much more resilient and independent. 

Abby has been thanked for a huge effort in maths - multiplying and dividing numbers, following a strategy, working systematically and remembering facts! 



Harry has been thanked for making great contribution in class! 
Harrison has been thanked for amazing maths learning and great explanations! 

Leah O has been thanked for learning how to multiply by 2-digit and a 1-digit.

Joshua has been thanked for trying to extend his writing with conjunctions 'and' 'because'. 


Mia has been thanked for a fantastic start and a positive attitude towards a new term. 

Helin has been thanked for always making the right choices and being a great role model!





 Anis as been thanked for a consistently positive attitude to his maths learning!

Alfie has been thanked for super contributions in class topic discussions. 




Shawnee has been thanked for being a logical mathematician!

Ethan has been thanked for excellent descriptive writing! 



Trinity has been thanked for showing interest and curiosity in class learning!  
Aldrigue has been thanked for supporting others in their learning.
Legend has been thanked for being sensible and curious on the class visit to Kirkstall Abbey!

Alisha has been thanked for showing a curiosity and excellent skilled speaking while at Kirkstall Abbey!

Richmond has been thanked by Miss Hogger for being a times table genius!



MaryKate has been thanked for an amazing start to Meadowfield -fabulous, reflective writer; resilience in maths; and a calm focused approach! 
Juanita has been thanked for turning strong verbal responses into reflective pieces of writing! 
Yuki has been thanked for amazing entertaining writing! 
Michael has been thanked for fantastic contributions to English and topic! 
Gizela has been thanked for her enthusiasm for learning and for life! 
Fahad has been thanked for better focus, more fun and fantastic writing! 

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