School Council

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School Council is for pupils from Years 2 to 6.  Each class is represented by two pupils. The council meet at least once every two weeks along with Ms O'Gorman. During each meeting, the Councillors express their views, look at suggestions from their Class Councils and make decisions.  Agendas for each meeting are set by the children in consultation with the Class Councils, the Senior Leadership Team and the Governors. The staff are always keen to know the views of the pupils and the outcomes of these

Lately we have organised :-)

  • On the 18th October we have set up the best disco ever called disco world you will need to be inspired by varied countries across the world 
  • On the Wednesday 5th of October all school council and playleaders had a meeting with a restorative practice teacher and he told us about how we could help if we see trouble in the playground. 
  • Every Wednesday at 3:00 after school till 3:20 there will be a pay as you feel market out side year 1 and 2. Come and grab a bargain! 
      Keep checking in to see what we're up to 
          Mckenzie and Mya 
School Council News

News from each school council meeting

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