Red Kite Learning Trust

Red Kite Learning Trust
We are delighted to be able to provide you with some information about our Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) that we feel will bring real benefits to the children and young people in our schools. Multi-Academy Trusts are now becoming a standard part of the educational landscape and the government has made it clear that it wants all schools to be part of some kind of strong partnership in the years to come. The Red Kite Learning Trust builds on existing strong partnerships between schools and is a response to profound changes in the school system that reinforce the need for schools in a locality to work together for the benefit of all. Experience, both nationally and internationally, tells us that partnerships now need to be deeper and more sustainable and have a clear focus on improving the quality of provision for our young people from age three to nineteen. We hope you will take the time to read the information we have provided for you and it is useful either to help you to understand what we are doing.  Red Kite Learning Trust publishes the required statutory documentation for all its schools on the Red Kite Learning Trust website. Please refer to for the Trust’s Financial Statements, the Memorandum and Articles of Association and the Funding Agreement. Details of Members, Trustees and Governors of the Trust schools and their relevant interests and attendance are published on the Trust website and in accordance with GDPR guidelines the Trust’s Privacy Notice is also published. For details of the Scheme of Delegation, please see the link. For further information, please download our Red Kite Learning Trust brochure.
Scheme of Delegation
The ‘Scheme of delegation’ is fundamental to how a MAT operates, laying out who has responsibility for what in terms of the Trust and the individual schools and Headteachers. We have provided the details of our scheme of delegation on each of the schools’ websites. The principle behind our scheme of delegation is that individual schools and their Local Governing Boards need to continue to set the ethos and culture within the school and drive improvement within their own institution. The Trust is able to make that easier by taking on some of the responsibilities and functions that sometimes get in the way of the focus on young people and their school experience. Areas such as finance, facilities management, Human Resources and IT are often better provided centrally where economies of scale and specialism can make a positive difference to quality and value for money. Schools working together in the Trust can also negotiate from a stronger position for other services such as insurance, energy, auditing etc. This is the default position for our scheme of delegation but if a school was in, or getting into, difficulty then the Trust would look to adjust the scheme of delegation to allow it to take a more active role.  The MAT has overall responsibility for all the schools in the Trust and will be pro-active in ensuring all its schools continue to improve and strive for excellence. The Trust will carry out an annual review with its schools and help provide a local, robust and expert safety net for schools if things are not going well. By working together in an open and constructive partnership where we view all Trust schools as ‘our’ schools we hope that the need for such intervention is much less likely than if a school stood alone.
Aims and values
Equality of opportunity for all the young people and staff in our schools.
Collective moral purpose through which we will help others and be professionally generous in all aspects of our work.
Integrity, openness, and trust that helps forge strong relationships between partners.
Fairness to each other as partners and to our associates and the individuals we work with.
Transparency and probity particularly in financial matters and in accordance with the highest expectations of standards in public life (the Nolan principles).
Individual autonomy respecting the unique nature of each school and its place within its own community. Support for others offering help to other schools/academies and young people beyond our own where we have the capacity to do so.
Collaboration including with local authorities, other education providers and charitable bodies, to promote the success, welfare and safety of our young people.
Good governance which secures our aims and values within a robust accountability framework.  
Red Kite Learning Trust schools work together to improve the learning and achievement of all their young people. The Trust secures excellence for all, providing world class opportunities for the young people in its schools. Its schools achieve this by continuously striving for the best: improving, innovating and reflecting. The Trust is committed to equality of opportunity and to closing the gaps in attainment and progress between groups and individuals within each school and across the Trust. The Trust aspires to the highest standards of academic achievement. It is also passionate that its young people develop values and inter-personal skills so that they can contribute positively to local and global communities. As a member of the Red Kite Teaching School Alliance, the Trust will share its ideas, skills and experience in the best interests of young people within and beyond its own schools.

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