P.E Provision and PE premium impact

The year 2019 – 2020 bought many challenges in ensuring children were taking part in physical education, physical activity and leading healthy lifestyles. This means there is a deficit in skills and activities for the coming year. Although some physical activity was provided through online learning, we cannot account for how many children took part and at what level. As a school we have looked at how we can provide high quality physical education and physical activity opportunities for children across the whole school and throughout the coming year, to try and counteract some of the gaps created by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have used this rationale to influence this budget and my proposal. As the higher funding provided to schools continues at 3.5 million nationwide, we are in the fortunate position to have extra money to spend on outstanding provision. We are also able to carry over any unspent money from the previous year due to COVID-19. Children will take part in 2 PE lessons a week – one inside and one outside. There will be specialists in school to help provide CPD for all staff in a variety of sports. The profile of PE will be raised as well as increasing the quality of lessons taught, equipment and resources provided, coverage of sports across school and level of skill children are leaving in Year 6 with.  The PE leader has started to look at how Meadowfield can use our PE premium budget beyond the classroom and into the community. Partnerships and links with clubs such as Rhinos and Leeds United will help us to build up this provision, with extra funding coming from their stakeholders.  
 Most recent Residential visits include:
Year 4 - Camping residential to This Green Moon with a focus on adventurous activities and independence.
Year 5 - Residential to Whitby to link into topic and literacy learning.
Year 6 - Residential to the Bramhope Scout Camp with a focus on the curriculum topic of Yorkshire as well as adventurous activities, team building and improving the health and well being of pupils.
The following information is under review and will be available shortly
  • Physical Activity Policy
  • PE Vision 

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