P.E Provision

The government have spent over £450 million on improving physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools over the last few academic years and have committed to increasing this expenditure in the future as part of the plan to tackle childhood obesity. The extra funding is allocated directly to primary headteachers. Schools can choose how they use the funding and the choices Meadowfield Primary School have made can be downloaded below: at Meadowfield all children are entitled to two hours high qulaity P.E per week plus a range of diverse opportunities outside of usual curriculum time. The overview of the whole school structure of areas covered is attached below. We also offer swimming lessons to pupils in Y4 with catch up lessons for those pupils who have not achieved 25m in Year 6. Our staff also provide a wide range of sport after school clubs along with extended services who also promote children's activities after school. We have expert coaches from the Leeds Rhinos Foundation to deliver high quality sports clubs. We aim to promote and provide our pupils with 30 minutes of physical activity a day through active break and lunch times in zoned game areas and activity during lessons eg. 5-a-day TV and Maths of the Day.
Residential visits include:
Year 4 - Camping residential to Bradley Wood with a focus on adventurous activities and independence.
Year 5 - Residential to Whitby to link into topic and literacy learning.
Year 6 - Residential to Cornwall focussing on cultural understanding and Shakespeare.

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