Who are we?

Welcome to Meadowfield's Pastoral Team
We are situated in 'The Oasis' described by Children's Social Work Services as "a safe haven where children feel supported and listened to"

As a team we work closely to provide support to children and their parents/carers around a range of issues including attendance, safeguarding and emotional wellbeing.

We are all designated staff for child protection and work in partnership with outside agencies and families.

If you require any support from a member of our team, please call 0113 3230010 or find us in the playground for a chat.

Mrs Saphron Middleton

Lead Learning Mentor

I support my team with their roles within school and manage the day-to-day running of the Oasis. The Oasis is a safe, calm environment where everyone is encouraged to be themselves. The child's voice is listened to and represented in the Oasis.

I work closely with Extended Services and outside agencies to support children and their families and contribute to appropriate support packages.

I am also the first point of contact for families new to the area who are in the process of transferring schools.

As part of the School Leadership Team, I can offer an holistic approach to discussions concerning the school and the community.

Mrs Alicia Hewson

Learning Mentor

My role is to support families who may need a 'helping hand'. This help could be the form of practical or emotional support. I can signpost to other agencies, provide emotional support and food parcels if needed.

Within school I support children through 1:1 "Time to Talk" sessions. These are tailored to the children's individual needs, interests and hobbies. Sessions are designed to be fun and may include board games, social stories and talking.

I have links with Nursery and the younger children at Meadowfield. This means that I can make sure children have a smooth transition to school.

Miss Tara Briggs

Learning Mentor

Although I am not new to the team and have lead on happy, healthy play and lunchtimes. I am now taking on the role of Learning Mentor in school. I am still passionate about children being active in school but now I am focused on supporting all pupils to have great attendance and to be at school every day.

At play and lunchtime I will still help children develop roles and responsibilities in play and with restorative conversations. During the school day, I support children in their classrooms with specific learning, to build confidence and enjoyment in all their learning. I also run 1:1 sessions with children and mentor them.

I am also a designated member of staff and can help to support children to reach their full potential. I help to make sure that our children are fully involved with life at Meadowfield.

Miss Sophie Sharp

Inclusion Mentor

T. 0113 3230010 E. info@mps.rklt.co.uk Head Teacher. Mrs Helen Stout