Our Values

At Meadowfield we spent a lot of time with our children and our governors to come up with our vision and values.  These are so important to us and you will see them on display and happening in our behaviour and how we are around each other at school.



Today we create, tomorrow we achieve, forever we learn



Self worth – building confidence in yourself, being proud of what you can achieve

Resilience- capacity to learn from your mistakes and keep trying until you reach your goal

Communication – taking the time to think about what we communicate and the impact it has on others; being clear and calm, always seeking to understand others’ point of view

Ambition – trying is learning, always aim to be the best we can be and respect others for doing the same

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today”   Tim Fargo


Meadowfield Primary Golden Rules:

  • Be an active listener and skilled speaker
  • Always try your best
  • Use restorative practice
  • Use resources properly
  • Always respect each other

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