Our Staff

Mrs Helen Stout

Headteacher- Governors, Finance, Outcomes, Community, Staffing, Personnel and Safer Recruitment, Child Protection, School improvement, TNLP, Red Kite and ITT, SLT, Monitoring, Appraisal

Mr Nick Hemingway

Deputy Headteacher - Data, Health and Safety, Parent Liaison, DHT Network, After School Provision, Absence Monitoring, Statutory Reporting, Year 3/4 Team Leader

Miss A Clark

Deputy Headteacher - SEND, LEAP, Behaviour Policy and Systems, Restorative Practice, Staff Health and Well-Being, CPD, Logistics, Year 5/6 Team Leader

Mrs R Roberts

Assistant Headteacher - Improving Teaching and Learning, EYFS Team Leader, Reception Teacher

Mr A Smith

Assistant Headteacher - Curriculum, Maths Leader, Website Compliance, Year 1/2 Team Leader, Year 6 Teacher


Mrs A Gibson, Mrs S Parker, Miss J Haywood, Mrs A Hewson, Behaviour Mentor- Ms L Westbrooke

School Office

Mrs C Cooke, Mrs L Mackie, Mrs R Wright


Miss N Halliwell (Nursery Teacher), Mrs L Mawson, Miss A Corcoran, Mrs K Robinson


Mrs R Roberts, Miss R Oliphant, Mrs A Burke, Mrs J Rossington, Miss L Marshall, Mrs E Hoddell, Mrs Cunningham

Year One

Miss S Davies, Mrs K Brown, Ms S Helmsley, Mrs Keenaghan, Mrs J Masey

Year Two

Mrs G Heer, Mrs N Sergeant, Mrs B Callaghan, Mrs R Schoeman

Year Three

Miss D Deasy, Miss S Shaw, Miss L Poole, Mrs C Deary, Mrs S Wallis

Year Four

Mr F Ellis, Miss T Cadore, Miss S Hogger, Mrs S Duncan, Mrs L Ullyart

Year Five

Mr R Evans, Ms S O'Gorman, Mrs D Shedlow, Mrs H Bray

Year Six

Mr A Smith, Mrs P Sinclair, Mr M Thompson, Mrs B Mason, Mrs C Pritchard, Mrs T Shaw

Special Needs Assistants

Miss A Cole, Mrs A Ellis, Mrs E Duffy, Miss AM Burke, Mrs M Dawson, Miss H Batool, Miss L Poole, Mrs C Deary, Mrs J Bailey, Miss S Bailey, Ms J Ulett

Teacher Administration

Mrs V Beck

'LEAP' Nurture

Mr D Mason and Mrs Dean


Mr A Topp (Site Manager), Mr S Shaw

T. 0113 3230010 E. carol.cooke@meadowfieldclc.org Head Teacher. Mrs Helen Stout