Our Staff

Mrs Helen Stout

Headteacher- Governors, Finance, Outcomes, Community, Staffing, Personnel and Safer Recruitment, Child Protection, School Development, TNCP, Red Kite and ITT, SLT, Monitoring, Appraisal, Vision and Values

Ms A Clark

Associate Headteacher - LEAP, LEAPlets, Outcomes, School Development, Behaviour Policy and Systems, Restorative Practice, Staff Health and Well-Being, CPD, Timetabling

Mr Nick Hemingway

Deputy Headteacher - Data, Health and Safety, Parent Liaison, DHT Network, Absence Monitoring, Statutory Reporting, Year 3/4 Team Leader

Mr A Smith

Assistant Headteacher - Curriculum, Maths Leader, Year 5/6 Team Leader, Year 6 Teacher

Mrs R Roberts

Assistant Headteacher - Improving Teaching and Learning, EYFS Team Leader, Early Education, Reception Teacher

Pastoral Team

Mrs S Middleton (Lead Learning Mentor), Miss T Briggs, Mrs A Hewson, Miss S Sharp

School Office

Mrs C Cooke (Office Manager), Mrs R Wright, Mrs K Slaven

'LEAP' Nurture

Mr D Mason and Mrs D Dean


Miss N Halliwell (Nursery Teacher), Ms K Robinson, Mrs J Rossington, Mrs M Dawson, Miss S Martin (Speech & Language), Mrs E Hoddell


Mrs R Roberts, Mrs L Mawson, Mrs E Hoddell , Mrs D Dickson, Mrs A Corcoran, Ms A Cole

Year One

Mrs G Heer, Miss R Oliphant, Mrs R Schoeman, Mrs S Wallis

Year Two

Mrs K Brown, Mrs R Thackray, Ms S Helmsley, Ms B Callaghan

Year Three

Mrs C Dalziel, Miss D Deasy, Miss S Davies, Mrs L Bevan-Jackson, Mrs A Burke, Mrs C Deary

Year Four

Miss B Reed, Mr R Evans, Mrs L Ullyart, Miss B Keenaghan

Year Five

Mr F Ellis, Mr W Greenwood, Mrs D Shedlow, Ms S Duncan

Year Six

Mr A Smith, Mrs P Sinclair, Mr M Thompson, Mrs H Bray, Mrs C Pritchard, Mrs T Shaw


Mrs E Hoddell, Mrs J Rossington, Mrs L Mawson, Mrs B Mason

Special Needs Assistants

Mrs A Ellis, Miss S Ahmed, Mrs J Bailey, Ms J Ulett, Miss B Pearson, Ms C Robinson, Mrs A Vowles, Ms L Paull, Ms R Briggs, Miss S Bailey, Mrs E Fry, Mrs J Hall, Mrs K Forsell, Miss N Meister, Miss R Wheatcroft, Miss Z Potter, Mrs L Champion

Teacher Administration

Mrs V Beck


Mr A Topp (Site Manager) and Mr S De'Ath

Mrs C Almond

SENCO and Y1/2 Team leader

Early Education - Daycare Provision all year round in our Children's Centre
Shelley Egan                     Manager 
Uzma Tayyab                    Deputy Manager 
Marie Marling                   Nursery Officer 
Ruth Barrett                     Nursery Assistant   
Tyler Hopkins                   Childcare Assistant
Tanake Payne                    Childcare Assistant

T. 0113 3230010 E. info@mps.rklt.co.uk Head Teacher. Mrs Helen Stout