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Meadowfield Primary is a special place to learn and work.  We have a strong and large staff team who are dedicated to wanting the best outcomes for all of our children.  We work closely with our Children's Centre and extended services team to provide many opportunities for the whole family to become involved in school life. We offer a range of after school provision including dance, football, martial arts, sewing, multi skills, art and cookery clubs to name a few.

We have an unswerving committment to a child centred learning provision - we offer many off site and innovative learning experiences so that the children learn actively and achieve to their potential.  Our motto is 'Sowing Seeds for the future' and we truly believe that here, at Meadowfield, we equip our children with the skills and knowledge to set them off on a path to lifelong learning...
Our vision
Today we create, tomorrow we achieve, forever we learn.
Our values
Self worth
Our priorities 
To ensure more children achieve age related expectations and reduce the differences between attainment of children from vulnerable groups by overcoming barriers to learning in reading and phonics
To ensure our curriculum meets the needs of our children, builds upon prior learning and prepares children for the next stage of their learning through acquisition of knowledge and a shift in their long term memory
Provide all of our school stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of what it means to have a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy world - and what part each individual can play in this process for their own benefit and that of the community and beyond
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At Meadowfield, safeguarding is at the heart of all that we do.
Catch-Up Premium
As you may be aware, the Government has allocated Catch-Up Premium Funding to all schools. With this funding our school will be focusing on reading. This will mean that those children who need a little extra support, identified in assessment, will receive targeted intervention to fill gaps in their learning. Quality first teaching will also be adapted to ensure that all children are in a position to make progress and that any additional support is put in place quickly to allow them to catch-up. 
Additionally, staff in EY will benefit from speech and language training which will be woven into class sessions and impact upon children's cognition, pronunciation and phonic awareness.
We will review all interventions, resources and strategies to ensure the best impact on children's learning and closing the gap is being achieved. We will present a full report on catch up premium by the mid year point with another review at the end of the year.

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Should you wish to purchase uniform, this must be done online using the following link: https://app.parentpay.com/ParentPayShop/Uniform/Default.aspx?shopid=1100


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