Customer comments

We are very fortunate at Meadowfield to have received many lovely cards and comments from our happy customers. We also have a large amount of repeat custom.
Below you will find just a small number of these comments. 
~ "Would like to thank you all for looking after me for the past years. You have seen me grow and become the clever person I am today. All through your hard work and love" 
~ "Thank-you for teaching me lots of new things and helping me grow" 
~ "Words are not enough to express our eternal gratitude for everything you have done...It has made it so much easier going to work knowing she is being looked after and loved so well. She has developed more than we could of ever imagined and this is due to your input and love. We will be eternally grateful and will never forget the fantastic start she was given at Meadowfield"
~ "Many thanks to all my lovely friends who made my days in the nursery very enjoyable and full of good memories! We are going to miss you" 
~ "Thank-you! We love "Little voices " and loved our trip to the Grand" 
~ "Thank-you for all the help and support over the past four years and making *'s nursery years the best! We'll miss everyone" 
~ "* wouldn't be the boy he is today without all your help"
~ "Many thanks to everyone who helped me to grow up in the nice caring atmosphere with lovely people"
~ " To ALL of you lovely ladies at Meadowfields. I just wanted to thank-you for the care you have given to * for the last two and a half years. I really could not have asked for a better team to look after my baby"
~ "Thank-you for looking after us so fantastically. We have really enjoyed coming to nursery and will miss you all very much!"
~ " Many thanks to *'s key person who has been lovely fantastic and caring...she helped * in every area of his life especially his speech. I can say there has been much improvement in his speech and mostly lots of different skills to help * in his foundation year. Above all, many thanks to the whole staff at Meadowfield nursery. Keep up that standard of caring and nurturing our children"
~ "Thank-you all for the love and care you showed when * was here. We always felt comfortable when * is coming to School, this is because we know he's going to be cared for by lovely, experienced and friendly staff. We are very grateful for the support and love the staff showed our family. Words can't express how grateful we are. As parents we know caring for children is a difficult task but all the staff cared for him effortlessly. Thank-you! "  

T. 0113 3230010 E. Head Teacher. Mrs Helen Stout