Primary Curriculum 2014

The Government released a New National Curriculum which was implemented in September 2014. The curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens. At Meadowfield Primary we have taken the NC and ensured it meets the needs of our pupils by providing them with a knowledge based learning journey which has been systematically planned to provide the most effective and enjoyable learning experience for all.


Meadowfield curriculum statement- reviewed January 2020

Today we create, tomorrow we achieve, forever we learn. 


To create a broad and ambitious curriculum which provides opportunities for all pupils to develop clearly identified key knowledge, contextualised vocabulary and skills in all National Curriculum subjects which ensures they are ready for the next stage of their education. We intend to put children’s personal development at the forefront and use a ‘hidden curriculum’ of experiences to engage and enrich their education whilst building knowledge cumulatively throughout the child’s educational journey. The curriculum will clearly define the knowledge children will be expected to acquire at specific points during their education at Meadowfield, the sequence of learning in each subject and the links in each subject and between subjects over time. The curriculum is based soundly upon the school's four values: resilience, ambition, communication and self worth.



Teachers define key knowledge, vocabulary and skills and establish the best learning environment and activity to deliver this. Teachers are mindful of the knowledge which children need to acquire and retain in order to build on previous learning through a well planned sequence of lessons. Each sequence of lessons is geared towards a clearly defined end point which is that the children are ready for the next stage of their learning. Teachers are clear about prior learning and revisit this with low stakes testing combining a cumulative pedagogical approach with the introduction of new knowledge. Teachers are constantly assessing whether or not the new knowledge has been retained before moving on in the sequence of planned lessons.



This will focus on how well our intent has been realised. We will use a variety of monitoring and assessment methods to find out whether children know what they are meant to know at specific points during their education at Meadowfield. The leadership team will assess whether or not the children have been taught the key knowledge and whether or not they have retained this in order to ascertain that learning has taken place. This must be in place in order for new knowledge to be introduced and remembered.

The National Curriculum Documents can be found by following this link.


At Meadowfield we agree with the new National Curriculum when it talks about mathematics being essential to everyday life. We believe that children should be taught about how mathematics can help them to understand the world around them and reason logically but we also want to instil in children a love of the subject.

We recognise that a sound understanding of place value and the number system underpins everything in mathematics and we teach these fundamental facts and principles explicitly at the start of each mathematics session using a personalised and systematic scheme of work.

We also place great importance in giving our children the opportunity to learn about mathematics in real life contexts, often linked with our themes. Solving problems and investigating mathematical patterns and puzzles in a variety of different situations are embedded into our curriculum throughout the school. Children at this school are frequently given the opportunity to solve problems practically and we embrace the use of ICT as a means of motivating children and increasing their independence.
Fluency, reasoning and problem solving is taught for each objective with a view to deepening children's understanding rather than just moving them on to the next step in a particular strand of mathematics.
Algebra First 
In KS1 we use a systematic model of teaching mathematics using Cuisenaire Rods where algebra is a precursor to number. This allows for a deeper understanding of basic mathematical principles using first concrete materials, then pictorial representations before moving into the abstract. We are supported in this fantastic way of teaching and learning by expert teachers from other schools and a group of academics linked to universities in this country and the USA.

At Meadowfield, we support children to become confident and successful lifelong readers, writers and communicators. Children begin learning to read and write using a scheme called 'Read, Write Inc', this begins at the end of Nursery and continues throughout Reception and KS1. 'Read, Write Inc' is a structured and systematic method of learning that is centered around letter sounds and phonics and it is used to aid children with their reading and writing.  
Reading is supported by our EY/KS1 Reading Leader, Miss Davies and Mrs Sinclair, our English leader. 

Year 6 and 4 are currently piloting a paired reading scheme, in which the children tutor each other in pairs. We have recently bought many wonderful, exciting new books for the school library and are, for the first time, allowing children to take these books home. We have new reading records to go home with the library books that children have chosen for themselves. It is very exciting, as our children are incredible and we want to engender a true love of reading within them all. We believe it is the key to everything!
The new reading records have a handy central section to help parents and carers with technical vocabulary and tips for reading. We ask that children have a bag to take their book home in. Without a bag, the book will not be allowed to go home.  
Children are encouraged to read at home as well as at school and all new children are given a book bag so that they can look after their books and receive points for prizes when they bring their signed reading records back to school.

We encourage parents and carers to share books with their children and can offer adult literacy sessions if you would like to brush up on your own skills. Y2 and Y4 hold a reading breakfast every week where parents/ carers can join in reading activities with their children and enjoy a drink and some toast.  Other Year groups will begin to offer reading breakfasts as the year progresses.  There's really no excuse, everyone can get reading!


We have a school handwriting scheme which all children are taught and we make sure that writing skills are applied across the curriculum so that our children see a real purpose for writing and understand its importance in our daily lives. We also run handwriting intervention and core body builders for children who need a little extra support with this area of learning. 
We have a whole school focus on presentation and children are encouraged to take a pride in their work.
Teachers plans include exciting experiences which encourage the children to want to write and be creative e.g. Y6 pupils have written letters to famous playwrites, and received postcards in return, They have written to DEFRA to warn them about our dwindling bee population. Y5 pupils working with a local theatre group to bring the story of 'Oliver Twist' to life through drama.
Speaking and Listening
The children at Meadowfield are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas through discussion with others, either in pairs or groups. They learn to take turns and respect the opinions of others.
Recent studies have shown that increasing a child's voaculary can have an incredible impact on their acheivement and success in life. Because of this we are fully committed to levelling the playing field and ensuring that our children leave school with a command of english that is comparable with all children in Britain.
We would love parents to come into  school and find out how we are learning to express ourselves  and becoming better communicators using the Language Rich principles. Meadowfield is an exciting place to be!!

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