LEAP is an 8 place nurture provision for KS1 children with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. It is available for children in Reception, Y1/2 and will be open every morning to support the development of children who are struggling to progress in a mainstream classroom due to an SEMH difficulty.

Join us for a chat, questions and a look at the nurture space at Meadowfield!

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LEAP is run by Mr Mason and Mrs Dean who are supported day to day and with planning by Miss Clark.
Welcome to the new look LEAP.
Katie Morag has popped into LEAP this term to tell us all about what its like to live on the Isle of Struay.
This week we have been learning how to weave. We have also looked at the differences between Island life and life living on the mainland. A Venn diagram was created by the children to show the differences.
LEAP wrote about some of the animals that were native to the islands creating some amazing sentences.
We also made postcards from Struay.
 This week in LEAP we have been doing some amazing leaning . We have produced some fantastic writing and some in-depth maths using maths games as a focus.
Tuesday we treated Batfish and Sparkles to a fresh, clean tank of water.
On Wednesday we started an experiment to grow salt crystals.
Thursday was baking , we made the most scrumptious Katie Morag porridge bars you have ever tasted.
Wow what a wonderful time we are having learning and having fun.
Check back soon.
Beautiful castle art created by KS2 LEAP
This week in KS1 LEAP we have been learning about how meditation and yoga can help us prepare us for our  days learning .  Maths was so cool (as always)  we learned how to make a symmetrical patterns using Cuisenaire rods, we also looked at our times tables . In Literacy we used I pads to research island creatures and animals. We had an amazing time in DT , LEAP got to make Scottish thistles for our room wall display.
KS2 LEAP have been extremely busy and have had lots of fun creating their own knight characters. They have done lots of research about knights ,Castles and Dragons for their projects. An amazing amount of knowledge has been shared around our round table . Check out our super thrones for our round table.
Exciting times ahead.


We have some new additions to LEAP this year in the shape of Stick insects. 
Lenny and Twiggy.
Amazing  pirate ship model made by KS2 LEAP children.
KS2 LEAP have been learning all about space. They have been researching all about life on the ISS. Learning about gravity, the planets, how rockets are propelled and creating their own solar system oh and Aliens.
We think we have some budding astronauts, watch out Helen Sharman and Time Peake!
Its the turn of the girls in KS2 LEAP. For the rest of the term the girls are focusing on Fashion and Design. They will be researching famous designers and brands also creating their own garments and doing some sewing. Watch this space. 
Colours that inspire moods and feelings.
Getting active and enjoying the sun
KS1 LEAP have been experimenting in Science and trying to create a bottle cyclone.
They discussed what and how a cyclone works.
Here's the proof. Well done LEAP
Somewhere over the rainbow.
Our beautiful bulbs are at last flowering.
A beautiful piece of collage by LEAP using natural and man made materials.
Welcome back to LEAP.
This term in LEAP we are going to be doing lots and lots of fun learning.
We will be Acting ,banging instruments, counting, drawing, eating, finger painting, giving 100%, having FUN, investigating, jumping, being Kind ,learning, doing some Magic, narrating, observing, planting, questioning, reasoning, singing, talking, unloading our emotions, visiting, walking, eXplaning, yoga, zooming...  
Wow , what an amazing week we have had Lemon tasting, fruit flinging, cake baking, water walking, music making week.
An amazing effort by all our LEAP children to create this fabulous table top out of pencils that were destined for the bin.
Well done you are all amazing.
Welcome back to our amazing ,unique LEAP children.
Together we will be learning lots about our new topic which is Jungle book.
Watch this space.

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