How we prepare our children for secondary school and the wider world of work
In year six we have a yearly visit by Unilever which covers many aspects of careers guidance and development. We have a series of workshops which opens up our children's understanding of different careers, ones they may never have heard of and which are based locally.
Teaching students in school provide a different experience and support children with their understanding of higher and further education.
Our PSHE curriculum covers a range of learning which includes attitudes to study and aspirations. This is also reflected in our school values - primarily the value of ambition. 
Links with local secondary schools are strong - we promote the open days held each Autumn and provide further help on making secondary school choices. We hold a fortnight of Election Fever each September which is designed to open up children's eyes to public responsibilities and making commitments. Home learning develops during children's time at school and ensures further preparation for high school. 

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