Our Early Education Provision

Meadowfield Early Education is part of Meadowfield Primary School and was established in 2006.

We provide childcare for working and training parents as well as the “Free Early Education Entitlement”. The Early Education is open to anyone within our community as well as across Leeds and anyone who works or trains within the vicinity.

Our School vision
Today we create, tomorrow we achieve, forever we learn
Staff team: 
Shelley Egan                     Manager 
Uzma Tayyab                    Deputy Manager 
Marie Marling                   Nursery Officer 
Ruth Barrett                    Nursery Officer 
Demi Osborne                  Childcare Assistant  
Tyler Hopkins                  Childcare Assistant
Tanake Payne                   Childcare Assistant



Learning through play

We believe that every child is as individual as their own fingerprint and therefore need to be treated equally but individually. We believe in the power of the child’s voice whether this is expressed through words, signing or babbling!

We feel that the best way to learn is through fun, imaginative and engaging play. Our staff model play and encourage children to partake in activities that they find engaging as well as freely accessing our learning environment.

We have planning in place that meets the needs of the children and they guide us in that planning by their interests and enthusiasm for new things.

To support children with emerging language, special educational needs, shyness or English as an additional language we promote the use of makaton which is a language programme that uses signs, symbols and spoken words.

You can find out more at www.makaton.org

As we value inclusion highly the Centre undertook and was very proud to have achieved the “Stephen Lawrence Education Standard” in 2012. Our main aims for the Centre and our families was promoting inclusion, celebrating diversity and challenging racism.

Welcome visits

Because we value highly the partnership between home and nursery, we have a welcome visit to set the scene for this. This enables your child to get to know their key worker and learn more about our setting. This may take place at Nursery or within your home environment.

The welcome visit is the first stage in the process of transitioning into our setting.

We operate a key worker scheme that allows you to have a nominated person to speak to and it is this staff member who will provide the highest level of care for your child . However our children get to know all the staff very quickly and may make their own choices in who they like to go to for different needs.

Following on from the welcome visit we start the transition into nursery. This is a big event in a child’s life so we ensure we take each stage at their pace. We make sure a child is happy with each step of their journey into nursery before moving on to the next.

The initial visit in nursery is done with a significant adult family member and the child both in the room playing together. We then progress to a short visit where the adult is out of child’s sight but remains here so they are close by if their child is distressed. If the child is attending for full days we would then have a lunch visit where a dinner can be enjoyed. Finally we would have a longer stay and if you, we and most importantly your child is ready, we start the place.

Care routines

We strongly believe that it is important to respect a childs’ personal space and preference regardless of their age. Therefore intimate care takes place in a dedicated space and is done by a key worker or in their absence a familiar staff member that the child is comfortable with.

A big milestone in a child’s life is when they become toilet trained and begin to tend to some of their own needs. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience to support families when needed on issues such as toileting, feeding and sleep routines. We also have links to Health Visiting teams and Children's Centre services that are available to provide individual support on a number of topics.

We believe in children becoming self-reliant and resilient as soon as they are able and work on the basis of scaffolding a child so that they can become independent thinkers and learners.

If you would like help with toilet training please visit the site below. Please speak to your child's key person if they already attend our setting.
More photos coming soon!

Mealtimes and healthy living

All our children can take part in fruit time whilst with us which takes place in a morning and afternoon. This encourages children to enjoy fruit and milk or water with their peers.

For our full time children we provide a two course, nutritionally balanced hot meal at dinnertime and a snack at tea time. Dinner choices are made by staff on behalf of the children from a 3 week cycle of menus. Key workers make these choices based on children’s preferences.

Our staff team is trained in the “H.E.N.R.Y” method which focuses on healthy eating, portion control and balanced nutrition.

You can find out more by visiting www.henry.org.uk

Outdoor play is an essential part of any child’s lifestyle to aid their development and well-being. Many children prefer to be outdoors rather than in so we believe in all-year round play, wherever safe.

On those occasions when outdoor play is not possible, full body exercise is accessed via our movement play area where children can express themselves through dance, movement and exploration.


Our staff team

We are very fortunate at Meadowfield to have built up a highly skilled, well-established and committed staff team. As a small team we work closely together to do whatever we can to meet the holistic needs of our families with the child at the centre of what we do.

Our Early Education team is led by Managers who have all worked in Early Years, both School and Nursery based, for many years. We are passionate about children being able to access the best provision and strive to always aim higher.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, honest and approachable team. We will endeavour to seek out support and signpost families where necessary if we are not able to provide a service or support as requested.

Keen to learn more?
We would love to meet you and your child or family to tell you more about what we do here at Meadowfield.
Please see our "Contact us" section for more information.

T. 0113 3230010 E. info@mps.rklt.co.uk Head Teacher. Mrs Helen Stout