Star Badges

Stars Badges 2.2.18
Each class has two or three 'Stars of the Week' nominated by their Class Teacher and children in their class for significant academic work or social improvements.

Celebration Assembly is the highlight of Mrs Stout's week! She always wants to find out how children have improved. Each week she update her blog to celebrate each little star.
RRO (Crocus Class)
Tony has been thanked for following his new timetable independently!


RRR (Poppy Class)
Mason M been thanked for having a positive mature attitude! 
Maja has been thanked for being a lovely friend!
Michael has been thanked for a much improved behaviour and attitude to learning, what a great week! 
Jessie has been thanked for finding her voice and putting her hand up to answer questions!  
Ava has been thanked for amazing maths and all round loveliness! She has excellent manners and is so kind!
  Iqrah has been thanked for a great attitude to her learning, she has missed quiet a bit of school but is doing her best to catch up!!

Lucas has been thanked for taking part in the class assembly and helping put the milk out in the classroom for his friends. 

Lexie has been thanked for her resilience and always giving things a go no matter what! 



Megan has been thanked for trying extremely hard and giving her best at skipping!
Jeff has been thanked for sheer hard work and determination at the skipping competition. 

Marshall has been thanked for starting to listen to advice to improve his learning!

Susan has been thanked for finding her voice and sharing her brilliant ideas!   



James has been thanked for being a fantastic role model!

Tia has been thanked for putting in 100% effort in all areas of her learning! 



Mya has been thanked for building on ideas for a 500 word story! 

Mikulas has been thanked for having a good plot for his 500 words story! 




Paige has been thanked for showing great active listening and skilled speaking skills at Tropical World.

Dylan has been thanked for his fantastic questioning skills at Tropical World!




 Shanique has been thanked for being a fantastic role model for the class! 
Daniel M has been thanked for an improved attitude to learning! 
Michael has been thanked for an huge improvement in his behaviour and attitude! 

Alima has been thanked for brilliant story ideas and planning. 

Jonny has been thanked for always being so kind and helpful! 



Luke has been thanked for a fantastic change in attitude and great resilience this week! Mrs Shaw says an extra thank you for making the day out yesterday enjoyable!  
Coming Next Week!! 
Coming Next Week!! 

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