Star Badges

Stars Badges 17.11.17
Each class has two or three 'Stars of the Week' nominated by their Class Teacher and children in their class for significant academic work or social improvements.

Celebration Assembly is the highlight of Mrs Stout's week! She always wants to find out how children have improved. Each week she update her blog to celebrate each little star.
RRO (Crocus Class)
Bailey has been thanked for always being helpful and willing to have a go!
Tony has been thanked for trying new things this week, sensory activities and foods!


RRR (Poppy Class)
Freddie has been thanked for always being polite, confident and having a brilliant attitude!
Christina has been thanked for super sentences writing!
Jenson has been thanked for great contributions in all lessons.
Divyansh has been thanked for fabulous maths learning! 
Harry has been thanked for inspiring us all! What a star! He has used brilliant questioning, shown great knowledge and always offers something that helps! 
Payton has been thanked for an improvement in all areas, she is confident, positive and willing to have a go! 

Faith has been thanked for learning to tell the time to o'clock and is even learning half past now! 

Noah has been thanked for trying his best at every thing he does, even when he doesn't get it right first time!




Oscar has been thanked for an amazing contribution in literacy, specifically in sharing wonderful ideas!
Hailey has been thanked for a fabulous learning attitude in all that she does and brilliant job explaining tricky questions in reading.

Oskar has been thanked for fantastic multiplication skills.

Tosin has been thanked for always giving 100%!



Kenize has been thanked for a fab 'All about me' poem! 

Anis has been thanked for always trying his best and being kind and thoughtful!



Jessica has been thanked for independence and bravery!

Amy has been thanked for shining like a star!!




Legend has been thanked for always putting in 100% effort into his writing and becoming more independent!

Hassan has been thanked for a fantastic improvement in his maths learning

Brooke has been thanked by Miss Hogger for always rising to the challenge and never giving up in maths.

Hanar has been thanked for bringing a calm influence to the classroom! 
Rakeem has been thanked for an excellent effort in all learning this week and for resilience!

Charlie has been thanked for setting in well into 5RE and making a great start! 

Abigail has been thanks for being super, awesome and helpful to all her peers!



Helen has been thanked for an excellent performance skills in her class assembly! 
Viera has been thanked for excellent performance skills in her class assembly! 
Nedas has been thanked for great enthusiasm is his writing! 
Ashina has been thanked for applying great vocabulary and English skills.
Joshau has been thanked for services to hip hop and mathematics! Amazing skills! 
Amera has been thanks for improved confidence in maths! Keep going! 
Paige has been thanked by Mr Smith for being awesome and by Miss Hogger for a super spirit, speed and stamina at the sports hall athletics.

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